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Mapping Islamophobia

Mapping Islamophobia homepage screenshot
Creator: Caleb Elfenbein

Mapping Islamophobia presents humanistic visualizations of original data concerning two phenomena in the United States: anti-Muslim activity and efforts by local Muslim communities to counter anti-Muslim sentiment. The project, which has been a collaborative effort between students, staff, and faculty from the very beginning, uses data visualizations to present themes and trends in the data over time. Importantly, the project also provides the opportunity for users to learn about the stories behind data points, which is the component that makes Mapping Islamophobia a humanistic tool.

Mapping Islamophobia highlights the value of digital humanities as a tool for sharing information in accessible ways. Educators in public schools and colleges and universities have made use of the site, as have advocacy organizations and journalists. It also demonstrates the power of collaboration in the digital humanities, drawing together people with different kinds of expertise to create a tool that would not otherwise be possible. The site has been made possible with support from the Mellon Foundation and from Grinnell College.